Wednesday, December 29, 2004

NippleGate, The Wrap Up

TheSmokinggun site catalogues some of the letters sent to Michael Powell re: the Janet Jackson-Timberlake nipplegate brouhaha. As you can imagine, some are funny, though most reflect the disheveled state of public education in this country (Averted Gaze), and many are rife with multiple misspellings and egregious grammar. In other words, (The Corsair considerably brightens) they're hott.


Some of my favorites -- with spelling errors aplenty -- include this little chestnut:

"Mr. Powel (sic):

"I don't consider myself to be a finatic (sic),but i do fear the wraith of GOD if our country continues its moral decline.Seems like every year things get a little worse.Just a few years ago the word homosexual was an outrage, and now half the country wants to sanction gay marriages.If you read the bible, you know what GOD did to Sodom and (sic)Gamora. I see the same thing happening with public nudity.It starts out with just one boob at the half-time show and in a few years half the population is walking around naked.I know that sounds a little extreme, but if we don't push back that's exactly what's going to happen! GOD'S hand of protection has been on this country for a long time, but I feel he is slowly starting to pull it away.

"Thank you"

Note the creative spelling of Biblical Gomorrah. A real Talmudic scholar, he.

Or this winner:

"Mr. Powell:

"I am far more offended by the drug and sex related lyrics that were allowed to air by Nelly and P.Diddy during the Half-Time show than the Janet Jackson mistake.

"The commercial showing a horse breaking wind in the face of a young woman was far more disturbing. How about the 4 day erection that was mentioned during a Viagra commercial.

"If you launch any investigations, you should include these (and several more) incidences that the world witnessed during the Super Bowl

"The horse thing was really bad. I can't even remember what they were advertising.


No, anonymous writer, thank you.

More prudes in a tizzy here.