Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yushchenko Poisoned!

According to the AP(link via Drudgereport), we finally have a verdict, no more ambiguity, on all the Yushchenko speculation:


Before and After

"Dioxin poisoning caused the mysterious illness of Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko, a doctor said Saturday, adding that the poison could have been put in his soup.
Yushchenko is now in satisfactory condition and dioxin levels in his liver have returned to normal, Dr. Michael Zimpfer, director of Vienna's private Rudolfinerhaus clinic, said at a news conference.

"A series of tests run over the past 24 hours provided conclusive evidence of the poisoning, Zimpfer said.

"'There is no doubt about the fact that Mr. Yushchenko's disease - especially following the results of the blood work - has been caused by a case of poisoning by dioxin,' Zimpfer said."

This strange story that exposes the oily underworkings of the Kremlin only got weirder yesterday, when, according to the Telegraph:

"The wife of Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian opposition leader whose face was badly disfigured by a mystery illness during the recent election campaign, said yesterday she tasted poison on his lips as she kissed him the evening before he fell ill.

"'I thought there was something different about my husband when he came home that night, because he has never taken any medicine, he's a very healthy man,' Kateryna Yushchenko said in an interview from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, for ABC's Good Morning America.

"'I tasted some medicine on his breath, on his lips. And I asked him about it. He brushed it away, saying there is nothing.'"

Women always notice these things.

Now, if we can link the poisoning after dining with the head of Ukraine's secret service to Moscow, then it's on ... oh, it's on like Gray Poupon!

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Aaaah...back to the old-school politburo style.