Saturday, December 04, 2004

National Enquirer

Whomever made the wry observation that Hollywood is like High School was not far off the mark, but what then does that make that significant artifact, The National Enquirer? Ordinarily, we like it -- a lot:

Like when they did the Secret Witness Saw Jacko Abuse Boy story (yeah, that was good)
Or, when they did the story on Mary Kate Letourneau telling her Poynesian boytoy Fualaau: 'Recess Is Over' (definitely hott); Or how about the story that Vivica Fox Won't Leave 50 Cent Alone! Loved it.

... But, well, when they reinforce insecurities in women, like this cover below, we tend get a little pissy:


Granted, US obesity trends in the
past 20 years are alarming, but the problem -- and it is a problem -- ought to be covered with the seriousness it deserves. Sure, Hollywood stars are our Cheerleaders and Football team, and more than anyone else, I know the pleasure of tossing a spit ball at them on this blog, but ... this seems wrong, as if it oversteps some basic boundary of the line between "snarky," and "evil."

And, while we are exploring this issue, why are all the people featured on this cover ladies? John Goodman and "King of Queens" star Kevin James are definitely "pushing maximum density," on any objective scale, yet, generally no magazine would call them "fat," or think of running unflattering photos of them eating pasta primavera on the cover of a magazine.

They're "cute," and "cuddly," or, in the case of Reuben Stoddard, "teddy bears."

So then, Nattie Enquirer (bats eyes, sips Sherry and tries to be maintain charm offensive despite being a little upset), why is it that the same standard is not equally applied to women?

Just asking ...

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