Monday, December 06, 2004

Jon Bon Jovi Apologizes

According to Ananova, scraggly Jersey rock and roller (Averted Gaze, getting angry ... getting very angry) and owner of the corny arena football team, Philadelphia Soul, Jon Bon Jovi -- like his former Jersey Senator Torricelli -- is so very sorry.

For the Turnpike? Mais non, sweetbread. For the "Powerballads"? Nein, mon freund. For the big frosted hair, the lovingly applied ruby-red "bitchstick" and that (feigned detachment) ass-flattering fluorescent spandex? No, no and a resounding no, Jon is not sorry for all that, that's his past, he owns it, it made him what he is today -- he's sorry for (soto voce, dreamy eyes, fading music) "Romeo":

"Jon Bon Jovi has apologized to David and Victoria Beckham for calling his baby son Romeo.


"The singer's wife, Dorothea, gave birth to their fourth child in March and the couple loved the name Romeo - unbeknownst that the football ace and the former Spice Girl had already called their second son that reports

"He said: 'We actually called him Romeo thinking it was the most beautiful, original name in the world, only to find out that David Beckham had already chosen it - so we apologize to the Beckhams for that.'"

A good start, to be sure; but when is he apologizing for unleashing seedy beady-eyed drummer Tico Torres on an unsuspecting American public.

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