Friday, December 17, 2004

Diana's Butler's Soul on eBay

That eBay. First they purported to sell Britney Spears' wedding panties. Then we were treated to Geri Halliwell's doggie's unexpurgated poo. Real Worlder Trishelle's skanky ass was next on the market. Now, Princess Diana's butler's festering, putrid British soul, as The Sun relates:

"HE�S sold his Diana secrets � now Paul Burrell�s SOUL is up for sale.

"But bidding for the 'damaged' item on internet auction site eBay stalled at 2p last night.

"The Sun placed the spoof ad following revelations that private letters from Prince Charles and Princess Diana to Burrell�s family had appeared for sale on the site.

"Our auction details read: 'For sale: Paul Burrell�s soul ... He seems to have sold off pretty much everything else, and now Princess Diana�s former butler has decided to sell his soul. This soul is damaged and in a tarnished condition.

"'This soul will do anything and travel anywhere for the right money.'�

Damn ... in the US, we're playfully snarky, but in the UK, they're ... evil!

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