Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New Bio: Sean Penn: His Life and Times

The most excellent gossip-crimefighting due, Rush and Molloy, report that Sean Penn has led quite the exciting life behind the scenes. We knew, of course, that he likes to play slap-and-tickle with nosy paparazzi, but we didn't know, for instance:


"In the new bio, 'Sean Penn: His Life and Times,' ... Penn was more charmed by a Madonna-impersonating drag queen he met in Amsterdam. Penn's friend Matt Palmieri recalls that the actor followed the transvestite and his friends to an apartment where they drank, smoked pot and 'discuss sexual politics and Reaganomics.'"

But no "trickle down" was involved, apparently. We assume ..

"Penn remembers he wasn't even 13 when his grandma offered him a sip from the bottle of bourbon she kept under the blanket of her wheelchair. 'Take a swig of this and you won't even know you have a head,' Penn fondly recalls her saying."

Awww, how sweet; fond childhood bucolic memories. We suppose it was Grandpa Penn who introduced him to the pleasures of filterless Lucky Strikes in junior high school, then?

Whatever the case, at least he schews Kaballah, (aka, "the disgusting voodoo")


(S)wine said...

I wonder if there's anything in there about his friendship with Charles Bukowski. Bukowski HATED Madonna when Penn was married to her. I wonder if that had any weight in their break-up. Penn held Bukowski in the highest of esteems.

The Corsair said...

Well, if we're going to mention The Great Bukowski, we're going to have to hoist some cold adult beverages