Saturday, December 04, 2004

Jennifer Aniston: "She Had a Face Like Thunder"

According to that significant cultural artifact, The Star, the Pitt-Aniston collabo is *allegedly* in danger of getting "derailed":

"It wasn't a very long holiday for Hollywood golden couple Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. On Nov. 24, Jennifer, 35, who was on location in Chicago filming the thriller Derailed, flew to Los Angeles to spend a few precious, and hopefully passionate, moments with Brad, 40."


So far so good ...

"(Pitt) had recently arrived back home from a journey to Africa, where he met former South African President Nelson Mandela and learned more about the AIDS epidemic. But from the looks of things, the holiday known as Turkey Day turned out to be, well, a bit of a turkey for the celebrity couple. On Nov. 26, just a day after the holiday, Jen, on her way to London for Derailed, emerged from a limo that had taken her to L.A. International Airport.

"Brad, who was sitting inside, didn't get out to give her a hug or final good-bye."

Okay, but what does that really mean? What's the context?

"'Brad was in the limo, but he did not even get out to give Jennifer a kiss,' says a witness, adding that Jen snapped at a photographer who was following her and shouted to him: 'And what kind of Thanksgiving did you have?' The witness added, 'Jennifer never turned back to wave. She had a face like thunder.'"

That fucking line keeps echoing in my mind ... "She had a face like like thunder" ... what a poetic way of relaying something kind of sad ... we are all artists, no? ... Even the paparazzi ... gotta be an Irish man with poetry in his heart ...

"Certainly, every relationship has its ups and downs, but it looks like the Thanksgiving episode is just one of many bumps in a union that has been subject to scrutiny since it began, even before the two married in July 2000."

Too much blonde happening in that union, if you ask us, which, you didn't.

"And celebrity relationship observers are wondering whether the frequent and lengthy separations in the Pitt- Aniston marriage -- the couple has been separated for weeks at a time in the past year -- are taking a big toll on the once-passionate pair.

"... Friends of the couple say the high-profile performers are dealing with Brad's strong desire to have kids and Jennifer's focus on career.


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