Thursday, December 16, 2004

Randy Angelina Jolie Footage Hits Web

Randy new Angelina Jolie footage is already making its rounds in the UK, scooped from the cutting room floor by some unsavory character -- and reposted here by me. According to

Above: The "Appalled-floating-head" of Banderas' wife,
Melanie Griffith was probably photoshopped.

"(Antonio Banderas') wild 10-minute romp with (Angelina Jolie)�shot for flick Original Sin�was so realistic it ended up on the cutting-room floor.

"In Original Sin, filmed just after Tomb Raider in 2001, Angelina played mail-order bride Julia who weds Luis (Banderas), a rich Cuban coffee merchant.

"A friend of the actress said: '(Angelina) never dreamed those pictures would surface again.

"'The love scenes were very full-on and she was relieved they were cut.'


Anonymous said...

Goddamn, I gotta see that.

Surely one of your blog wives can find it!!!


(S)wine said...

The film was a snooze--they should've left it in.