Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Adultified Film Titles 2004

So, Lindsayism is doing her annual list of adultified film titles, or, as she says:

"Well, it's that time again - time for that silly, childish game where you send me your ideas for Porn Titles For 2004 Movies. Here's last year's list.Here's a list of 2004 movies. And here are a few to start with:

"The Prick In Me
Little Black Cock
After the C*mshot
Along Came P***y
Fahrenheit 69

"Those were the easy ones - stretch your gutter-mind and send me yours! I'll put the Top 20 (with credit) to("

So, clear the Holiday frankincense, and let us henceforth unleash our gutter-mind:

Open Otter
Wankerman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
The Polydexterous = The Polar Express
A Sport Aquatic
Around the Girl in 80 Days
Bridget Bones 2
I, 'Hobot
I Heart Fuckabees
Ella Indented
Hot Lez Lawanda = Hotel Rwanda (okay, not the best one)
Maria Full of Jayce = Maria Full of Grace
Fill Bill, Volume 2
Friday Night Dykes = Friday Night Lights
Bi-Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Yu-Gi-Uuh! The Movie

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