Friday, December 17, 2004

Mary-Louise Parker Gunning for Clare Danes?

Rush and Molloy today drops some pipin' hott dish, regarding the Mary-Louise Parker-Billy Crudup-Clare Danes fiasco (frankly ... we find the smouldering-dark New Yorkish Parker waay hotter than the bloodless, chilly Yalie Clare Danes, but that's just our opinion):


Above: Billy Crudup dumped her.

"... (Mary-Louise Parker) still finds it hard to forgive him or Claire Danes, the actress he left Parker for when she was seven months pregnant."


Above: .. For this.

" ... One friend says Danes couldn't help but shiver when she saw an Entertainment Weekly photo of a pistol-packing Parker dressed in Western togs.

"'She said she feels like Mary-Louise is gunning for her,' says the friend."

Guilty conscience, Claire?

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