Friday, December 17, 2004

Lisa Marie Pawns Off the Elvis Legacy

In what appears to be one of the sickest and weirdest transactions between consenting adults ever, and The Corsair means EVER (totally overreacts), it appears that Lisa Marie Presley, who is known for her dodgy romantic choices, may have sold everything pertaining to her pappi, but her last name to some dude named Silverman. Where's the love, Lisa Marie? Can't you love him tender? According to Hello!Magazine:


Above: Lisa Marie, Riley and Presilla Presley: 3 Generations of Elvis Bitches

"Lisa Marie Presley is selling her iconic father's estate. The King of Rock and Roll's only child has agreed a $100-million deal that will see 85 per cent of the legacy pass into the hands of businessman Robert FX Sillerman."

What? Like Pseudopresley Nic Cage couldn't pony up the cash?

"The music impresario will own Elvis' name and likeness along with revenue from his music and films. Lisa Marie will meanwhile retain possession of his home, along with many of his personal belongings, though the running of Graceland will also be handled by Sillerman. 'My greatest responsibility to my father is to preserve and protect his legacy,' explained the 35-year-old. 'This is an exciting new structure that opens up an incredible array of opportunities.' Under the agreement she will also receive $20-million worth of shares in a new company being formed to manage the estate, while her mother Priscilla Presley will stay on as an executive consultant. Twenty-seven years after his death, Elvis is still a major player in the showbiz industry, generating $45 million in revenue last year. Over the course of his career he sold over a billion records and starred in 31 movies."

Questions relating to this transaction:

1) How does one sell one's dead father's "likeness"? Is that even moral? What is the protocol involved in that rather existential sounding endeavor?
2) What does Priscilla Presley's role as executive consultant entail other than munching bobbons, remaining quiet about the general morality of this little transaction and collecting greasy phat dividend checks?
3) Did Elvis have to be baught out by a man named Silverman?

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