Saturday, December 18, 2004

James Wolcott on Former Mayor Ed Koch

We are still trying to figure out if this was a Freudian slip on the part of master essayist-blogger James Wolcott, or some sly allusion to Ed Koch's ambiguous sexuality, when he talks about Sunday's pre-taped Topic A with Tina Brown panel discussion:


Above: "Howm I Doin'?"

"Off to the CNBC studios at Englewood Cliffs, NJ yesterday morn for a taping of Topic [A] with Tina Brown. Awaiting in the green room, just as he was last time, was former NY major Ed Koch, who's becoming a gruesomely familiar figure in my life. Perhaps Koch uses the green room as his pied a terre, or just can't resist the morning spread of buns (?) and fresh fruit (?)."

What the fuck?!

No, really, WTF? Next thing you know, Wolcott will relate a wondrous tale in which Ed Koch is in the Green Room trying to penetrate the serpentine prose of Apuleius' The Golden Ass.

We love your essays in VF, Mr. Wolcott, but really! What are you implying about the former mayor?

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