Saturday, December 04, 2004

Nirvana's Krist Novoselic For Sale on eBay!

Ahh, god bless eBay, where a perfectly good grunge musician can be purchased for only "two large".

Former Nirvana bass player and future candidate for Governor of Washington State, Krist Novoselic, is on sale on eBay (link via Ananova), and the bidding is up to a measly $1,825.03. According to the eBay:


"Oh, he'll always be remembered as part of Nirvana but after Nirvana was no more, Krist was just getting started. A principled and outspokenly progressive grassroots activist, Krist has been making himself known throughout Washington as a man who could make a real difference in government. Aside from playing the bass really well, Krist also pilots his own Cessna 182 Skylane jet really well. And, long a supporter of the same values as People For the American Way, Krist has offered to take a high bidder for a plane ride on his plane! In fact, he'll pick you up at a West Coast (Washington, Oregon, California) airport of your choice and fly you to a restaurant in a city of his choice, take you out to lunch and then fly you home again. He won't be teaching you how to fly but he will be talking to you about... well whatever you want to talk to a former member of Nirvana and a future Governor of Washington about! And you can bring a friend if you want to."

Actually, a private plane ride with a rocker, of however dubious a claim to that monicker (Averted Gaze), and a trip to some fine cuisine is probably worth the two large. Unfortunately, The Corsair fortune isn't up to the task, but if we could ... (The Corsair dreamily gazes off into space) Ah, there are so many questions The Corsair would like to ask the pseudorocker Krist, like, f'rinstance:

1) You and Dave Grohl motioned for Courtney Love to undergo a psychiatric evaluation; ultimately, this didn't happen, but, in retrospect, this appears to have been a prudent and humane notion. One that may have spared us the disturbing site site of her being "suckled" by Kofi Asare, the man who declared to the world that "all he wanted was Chicken nuggets." But he got so much more. What did the ex members of Nirvana know then that we didn't? What led you to think that she was "incapacitated"?

2) What the fuck is up with Courtney Love?

3) Nearly a decade ago, Krist founded JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee), which advocated on behalf of Washington state's music community, eventually helping Seattle club owners find ways to host all-ages shows, and was "instrumental in helping to overturn the infamous Teen Dance Ordinance."

Was that, uh, like Footloose? And does that technically make Krist the Kevin Bacon character?

4) Are you really running for Governor of Washington, and, if Krist does, is he going to run on the "Grunge Party" platform? Toga Party?

Just asking ...

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