Monday, April 30, 2007

Russell Simmons: "(Donald Trump) Is Into Doing Him"

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Russell Simmons, who always looks sorely to be in need of a robust multivitamin, fucked up Our Yesterday when he appeared, smugly, in the pages of The Sunday Times Magazine (Averted Gaze). The Corsair promptly dry-heaved our rich, Kenyan-blend coffee as we saw his mug interviewed by Deborah Solomon. Some chestnuts, with a side of Trump thrown in:

"Your book basically advocates for old-fashioned American values — i.e., work hard, don’t give up. The book doesn’t say just work hard. It says meditate. That’s the most important thing in the book. I go to yoga every day. I meditate every morning. Do you meditate?

"I prefer reading in bed. That for me is meditation. No it’s not. It’s noise. It’s the opposite. To be awake is to be fully present, no noise, just you and God. Most of us only have seconds of full consciousness. To live in a state of samadhi — that’s what we’re here for.

"Why did you, a self-proclaimed seeker of spiritual truths, ask Donald Trump, of all people, to write the foreword to the book? I think it’s all God. I say that all day long. The real process is doing you and having a truth that you live up to. Donald is different than a lot of other very rich people. He has a good time. He is always laughing. He’s into doing him."

Nothing says lovin' like Billionaire self lovin we always say. Takes one masturbatory materialist to know another, we suppose. And here we thought that Trump's "short fingers" would be a hindrance, not a help, in "self-love."


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