Monday, April 09, 2007

Team Obama Moves on Team Hillary in The Hamptons

(image via indiewire)

Not since the storied Battle of Saratoga has New York seen such military prowess. Apparently, Team Obama, flush with victory over Chicago, a Democratic Party donation Nirvana, is moving towards Team Clinton's well-heeled backyard, namely: "The Hampton$." As Memorial Day beckons and the New York Rich head for The Hamptons, openly courting Hillary's money in her own "District," so to speak, is a maneuver suggesting not so much "The Audacity of Hope" as "It Takes a Pillage." Quoth Cindy Adams:

"RICH George Soros, who's liberal fin ancially and politically, scheduling a Barack blitz this summer at his house in the Hamptons. That's Hillary country. That's a big in-your-face. It's expensive. For major cashiers who've rung up $25,000 in donations."

Team Obama's double-barelled stranglehold over Chicago has made life difficult for Rahm Emanuel, a Hillary supporter who represents Chicago and has the unenviable task of explaining to his constituents -- and the all-important Chicago moneymen -- why he is not so willfully disloyal to the prevailing spirit of the Windy City.

We feel his pain.

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