Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jason Kint to CBS SportsLine

(image via theteng)

CBS Sportsline made an interesting choice in hiring Jason Kint, formerly Vice President Sporting News, General Manager Online Division. We guess CBS' Sportsline is really going to be taking that whole "fantasy sports league" thing Seriously. Fantasy sports, ladies and gentlemen (Said with an air of restrained laughter). We prefer to watch plants photosynthesize oxygen ourselves, but to each his or her own; we wish CBS luck. Let's hope this fantasy sports alliance doesn't seep into the news division, right (Church and State and all that, what, what)? The irrepressible Stacy D. Kramer of Paidcontent writes:

"This announcement actually caused a double take ... Jason Kint leaves The Sporting News after 11 years to become SVP/GM of CBS SportsLine. Kint most recently was VP/GM of TSN’s online division, key to the growth of digital with initiatives including fantasy sports and social networking. He succeeds Steve Snyder, who was promoted recently to COO, CBS Interactive and to whom he will report. Kint will oversee programming, product development, marketing, technology and general administration. This is like signing a roleplayer from your own division—it adds to your team, takes away from the immediate competition."

We are intrigued as to where this whole Fantasy Sports at a major network that is increasingly tying its news division with its sports division is all going. We are riveted to our media high-chair, rapt thoroughly in anticipation. Paidcontent

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