Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Observer: Chloe Sevigny Blew Vince Gallo For The Sake of "Art"

(image via celebopedia)

We like Chloe Sevigny immensely, quite frankly (The Corsair lights a Macanudo Robusto cigar). She is perhaps the most talented actress of her Generation, turning in astonishingly good back-to-back performances in Woody Allen's unheralded and unsung Melinda and Melinda, as well as in Boys Don't Cry. Both characters -- even more impressive -- are, personality-wise, diametrical opposotes of one other; that suggests something of Ms. Sevigny's ever-growing artistic range at present.

But don't fucking come at us with some bullshit reason why Chloe blowing the ghastly, vole-like Vince Gallo as a part of her "Craft (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)," like one Hillary Frey does in the salmon-colored weekly today. It was a lark; said "Beej" was a bad career move; but it was Most Assuredly Not Art -- it was "Yu-U-uck!" From theObserver:

"Still, what makes Ms. Sevigny different—was saves her from being a Has-Been—is a natural talent, albeit a talent largely for being her odd self. Only a woman in full command of herself could have pulled off an explicit onscreen blowjob (especially one administered to Vincent Gallo). Exhibitionistic, yes, but somehow not as sleazy as the crotch shots or nip slips of Ms. Lohan and Ms. Spears. Ms. Sevigny convinced us that she did it for art. And because we liked her, we believed her."

Naught else but simple shit, Hillary Frey. While, Yes, in The Greater Scheme of Things (tm), sucking Vince Gallo's sweaty, bulbous, detumescent cock -- Eew -- is marginally "Artier" with its attendant suggestions of self-hatred and deep seated sense of personal filth -- than, say, flashing one's "coochie" to the papparazi en route worldwide media distribution re: Paris Hilton, et all. But only by a hair -- pun here obviously intended (Averted Gaze). (Observer)

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