Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oprah, Hilfiger to refute Racism Rumor

Oprah's ubiquitousness is sometimes overwhelming (It's Oprah's world, people, we just blog in it). When she is not picking out uniforms for the students in her South African school, Oprah is singlehandedly elevating the publishing industry (And promoting some serious books, while she is at it), holding the broadcast news media's feet to the fire, and sonvening a "Town Meeting" on the state of hip-hop's often distasteful linguistics (The Corsair sips a 1938 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild). So what does Oprah do to unwind? Save Tommy Hilfiger's bacon. From the salmon-colored weekly:

"'There’s a rumor about me being a racist,' Mr. Hilfiger told The Transom on Thursday, April 19, at real-estate developer Josh Guberman’s launch of his new boutique condominium complex on East 84th Street. The rumor in question started many years ago, as an anonymous item circulated on the Internet. It alleged that Mr. Hilfiger, while sitting on Oprah Winfrey’s couch, had confirmed hearsay that he was against Asians and African-Americans wearing his clothes. Ms. Winfrey then, it was said, kicked him off the set.

"But 'I was never on her show!' Mr. Hilfiger said. 'Oprah and I are really good friends. She said, 'You were never on the show; you never said it—I know you’re not that way.’ I said, 'Right!' She said, 'Let’s debunk that rumor.' I said, 'O.K., great.'

"And so Mr. Hilfiger is finally appearing for real on The Oprah Winfrey Show, in a segment scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 1."

Ri-i-ight; next you're going to tell me is that thing about Richard Gere and the gerbil is false? More story here. (Observer)

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