Monday, April 23, 2007

Further Variations on the Theme of Carla Gugino's Ass

(image via yimg)

Bountiful. Fully-Packed. Sun-ripened. "Crazy Delicious." All of these double-entendred descriptives of an in-season Macintosh Apple would be perfectly acceptable in describing Carla Gugino's junk-in-the-trunk (We'll refrain from the cliche and unsettling "Juicy," which conjures a biological process thoroughly unsexy).

On yesterday's "Entourage," there it was, in all it's glory (And form-fitting black panties), speaking to us. Carla Gugino's exquisite ass spoke to us earlier, a few weeks ago, in the HBO teaser for Entourage's Season 4. That spring day Carla Gugino's Ass seemed to The Corsair, then, serene and triumphant, a reminder that the world was an older and better place than anyone knew, that mankind in its long passion had learned another wisdom than his. It whispered faintly, that July day, in the same lapidary phrase, the same words of hope.

God bless carla Gugino's ass.

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