Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Andy Richter Strikes Out ... Again

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Our favorite tv jinx Andy Richter -- no stranger to getting yanked unceremoniously -- has suffered another setback in his free-fall down the Hollywood Food Chain. He is almost on the same oily rung of the slippery Hollywood ladder as Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis (Averted Gaze). Perhaps, in retrospect, Andy might have been better counseled to keep his ass firmly affixed to the couch of Conan -- who may or may not succede Jay Leno. From Jossip:

"Well, at least it lasted longer than Emily's Reasons Why Not. Andy Richter – one-time Conan O'Brien sidekick-cum-O'Brien producing partner – has lost yet another well-received-by-critics-but-not-viewers sitcom, with NBC yanking Andy Barker, P.I. after just four episodes. Two more, already-produced episodes will air Saturday night.

"Critics might point to the lowly 4.2 million viewers who tuned in during the show's Thursday 9:30pm time slot as the reason for yank."

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