Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Further Innovations of The Theme of The Decline of the West

(image via dhm)

Midway through some bleak Dantean Hell, Oswald Spengler pessimistically laments in a throaty baritone -- in the key of D Minor -- The West's protracted decay. And he is greeted by "pillow feathers," and the giggling of hot chicks in their panties! The Chinese, the New York Times informs us with obnoxious frequency this week, will inherit Western Classical music. And now, as if to further wedge the spear in the supine rib cage of The West, pillow fighting. Variety reports:

"The feathers will fly -- or at least, that's what producers Eddie October and Al Berman are hoping.

"Less than a month after ESPN agreed to air the Rock Paper Scissors League championship, October and Berman have snatched up worldwide television rights to another "sport" based in childhood memories: the Pillow Fight League.

"The TV-friendly twist: PFL's roster of players boasts a slew of attractive females, many of whom compete while wearing skimpy uniforms. That will be one of the key selling points as October and Berman begin pitching nets later this month on the idea of a PFL skein."

Not with a bang but a whimper?

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