Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Coachella Wrap-Up

The hipster baby trend continues, unabashed. One would think that this is the first generation of Man who has ever reproduced. First "baby blogs" -- thinly disguised, to be sure, but being all about Mommy-and-Daddy -- now: "Babies at Music Festivals (A Pre-K educational experience?)." Someone, please: Make. Them. Stop. From Itcamefromculturecity:

"I can't get over how many people are here with strollers. And then, I look inside the strollers, and I can't believe these kids are dressed hipper than I am.

"Why didn't my mom and dad think to buy me Chuck Taylor All-Stars when I was 2?

"These kids have good taste, too.

"Take Gemma Walker -- age '4 and seven-eighths' according to her adult companions -- who was dancing her tail off to Jesus and Mary Chain earlier.

"That kid could boogie.

"And she was barefoot." (Itcamefromculturecity)

From Asharpdentomen:

"Jesus and Mary Chain- This was a very successful reunion for them, I think. They sounded just as great as when I first heard them, on a mix tape from my college boyfriend. Sadly, I missed their first song... I was in line for pizza and beer. Scarlett Johansson popped onstage for guest backing vocals on the second-to-last song of their set. You could barely hear her though. Her mike was turned way down low. In her short dress and red high heels, I think she was meant to be seen and not heard."

And from Ohnotheydidn't:

"And not to be outdone with celeb starpower, Interpol drew a VIP cheering section with Paris Hilton and a crew of cronies standing front row (on a rafter so as not to be missed). No celeb duets for this set. Thank god."

From Whitney Pastorek at Popwatch:

"The rumors had been swirling all day: Scarlett Johansson would be singing with the Jesus and Mary Chain. What? ScarJo? Live on stage? Could it be true? Ah yes, PopWatchers, it was, and so she appeared, clad in a fedora and paisley go-go dress (um...) and murmuring backup on 'Just Like Honey,' which the more trivia-oriented among you will recognize as "that one song from Lost in Translation." Now, I know ScarJo is scheduled to release an album someday, but if her performance last night was any indication, it may not be a very energetic one."

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