Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Carmen and Joan Are Still "Just Friends"

The salmon-colored weekly reports from the "Are-Carmen-And-Joan-Dating?" battlefront with essentially nothing to add but more confusion. It is an elaborate mindfuck, people; we feel like we're being played by the publicist but we just can't lay a finger -- no pun intended -- on whether there is a real romance between Carmen Electra and Joan Jett. No one is giving up anything definitive. Says the Transom:

"An L.A.-based illustrator told The Transom that one of Ms. Electra’s stylists recently commissioned a pair of 'his and her' matching military jackets for her client and Ms. Jett.

"The stylist requested specific designs for the standard-issue surplus-store garments, to reflect the women’s individual personalities. 'She asked for a skull and a guitar—you know, like rock ’n’ roll images—on the back of Joan’s jacket, and something more feminine and flowery for Carmen’s,' reported the source, who said he intends to use simple fabric markers for the illustrations.

"'[Model] Amber Valletta is getting one too!' laughed Ms. Electra’s rep, who has repeatedly said that the busty starlet, 34, is just friends with the rocker, 48."

WTF?! (Observer)

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