Tuesday, April 03, 2007

David Gregory: And He Danced ... Like a Wave on the Ocean

(image via nfib)

Feathery-haired metrosexual and occasionally combattive NBC News Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory took a bit of a ribbing from The President on the subject of his robust ass-shaking at the MC Rove impromptu rap concert the other day, so says TVNewser which transcribed:

"BUSH: For those of you not aware, Gregory put on a show the other--

"GREGORY: Everybody's aware, Mr. President, thank you--

"BUSH: Well maybe the listeners aren't--

"GREGORY: Yeah, that's alright.

"BUSH: That was a beautiful performance, seriously.

"GREGORY: Thank you very much Mr. President. Mr. President, you say the Democrats are undercutting the truth..."

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