Monday, April 02, 2007

George Stephanopoulos Still Wants to Make Love Daily

It was ladies night at the Times yesterday, with sexy ex-model Paulina Porizkova and Alexandra Wentworth, DC society babe, formerly of that significant 90s cultural artifact "In Living Color," and, of late, ABC's soft-spoken Greek-American love monkey, George Stephanopoulos. Ali, as we all remember, is magnificently "outspoken." She likes to talk of things that are, eh, impolitic, for the spouse of an ABC host and former Advisor to president Clinton to be talking about. Frank talk, like the sexual appetite of her hubby are to be encouraged, we say. "Stephie" used to make sweet, sweet love twice a day -- she told The Washington Post, impoliticly, once.

Now, alas, the DC power couple are down to coupling merely one time a day. From the Style Section of the Sunday Times:

"Ms. Porizkova and Ms. Wentworth met on a television pilot and have been close ever since, even with Ms. Wentworth now living in Washington. They wasted not a moment catching up. With these two, there was no story too gross, no moment too humiliating to rehash. Most are unprintable here.

"The semi-sanitized highlight reel? Ms. Wentworth’s husband still wants to make love daily, and every year for Christmas he gives his wife a trainer even though she’d rather smoke to be thin."

We suggest "smoking" Stephanopoulos. (NYTimes)

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