Friday, April 06, 2007

On The Subject of Carla Gugino's Exquisite Ass

(image via yimg)

That brief, salacious camera linger on Carla Gugino's Exquisite Ass (tm) in the Season 4 "Entourage Montage" promo is a subject worthy of the deepest scholarly penetration. We, as amateur archaeologists of pop-cultural history, humbly volunteer for that "roll." And we don't say that merely to be "cheeky."

Nature, it seems, has amply gifted Ms. Gugino with Golden Globes all her own, and affixed them, ever-so-snugly, at the point at which her danders legs meet her supine back. There's so much complexity in the convexity of Ms. Gugino's Exquisite Ass.

We look forward to checking out Ms. Gugino's Heavenly Spheres on Sunday, and on every Sunday thereafter, until, at Season's End, those beautiful Moon crescents wane.

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