Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lunch at Michael's

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No sign of the cranky but always interesting Michael Wolff at Table 5. FishbowlNY's Michaelsologist Diane Clehane trips the light fantastic today at The New York Chattering Classes boite, snatching a few words from CBS' new addition Jeff Greenfield, former protoge of William F. Buckley, Jr, back in the day. After a stint at ABC and CNN, Jeff is off to CBS Evening News at the behest of The Tiffany Network's Commander-in-Chief during "The Network Wars," Rick Kaplan. Greenfield told Clehane, "'I'll be covering political stuff,' says Greenfield, who claimed not to know his official title. 'It's 'senior something' because of my age.'" (More interview here) From FishbowlNY:

"1. Kimora Lee Simmons's Baby Phat pitchman B.J Coleman and guests.

"2. David Zinczenko and Condé Nast Traveler's public relations director Jon Hammond.

"... 3. MTV's John Sykes and an unshaven and tieless Dan Abrams. We've noticed that MSNBC's general manager and legal eagle has been sporting his own version of a GQ look during his last few visits to Michael's. Works for us.

"4. Gridiron great Frank Gifford, Herb Siegal and an unidentified gent."

What? No Kathy Lee?

"5. Producer Irv Winkler, whose latest smash hit Rocky Balboa is now out on DVD. For those of you who didn't want to cop to wanting to see it in the theater, now's your chance.

"6. Jeff Greenfield with Jerry Della Femina and plastic surgeon Gerry Imber.

"8. New York Social Diary's David Patrick Columbia and Adam Zickerman, owner/founder of InForm Fitness, fitness and nutrition guru and author of the best-selling
Power of 10.

"... 12. Today's Marc Victor and Us Weekly editrix Janice Min.

"14. CBS spinmeister Gil Schwartz and USA Today's Peter Johnson no doubt talking about fellow diner Mr. Greenfield's arrival at the Tiffany network ...

"15. NBC's Jonathan Wald.

"... 18. Jean Doumanian and Diane Sokolov."

Hmm. We wonder what Mrs. Doumanian, former SNL producer, would have to say about Woody accepting that business card from the slinky lady in front of Soon-Yi? Hmm?

"... 20. What were Tina Brown and Cosmetic World/Beauty Fashion publisher George Leeds talking about?"

Read the full list of Big Media Machers (you know you want to) here

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