Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Might Conan Want to Hold off on that LA Manse Purchase?

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On paper, legally, as of right now, Conan O'Brien is scheduled to take over the Tonight Show in 2009 when Jay hands over the keys to the studio, bloodlessly. In theory.Because the last time things went ... sideways. And TV execs don't like tumultuous transitions.

Unless, of course, their man is on top. And Jay is on top of Late Night, much to our surprise. Conan is superb and edgy; we cannot fathom Jay Leno's cosistency of artificial cheese humor, however. So, as the rumor goes: Will Jay leno retire? Or, will NBC execs pay Conan the $40 million his contract demands and let him go his own way? Conan's already shopping for LA, before anyone has gotten to the bottom of anything. According to TMZ:

"While Conan O'Brien isn't taking over 'The Tonight Show' until 2009, TMZ has learned he's already searching for the perfect $20 million compound ... with no luck!

Despite a megamillion-dollar budget, sources tell us that Conan and wife Liza are having trouble finding the perfect West Coast pad in which to settle with their two children. The O'Briens have a lot in common with the Beckhams, who also can't seem to find a place to call home for a not-so small fortune."

We'd hate to think a genuinely nice guy like Conan is about to get fucked by Leno, who is deceptively conniving in negotiations. Andy Richter, the former Conan sidekick, had this to say on Howard Stern's satellite show on Sirius; From Marksfriggin:

"Howard asked Andy if he thinks that Conan still thinks he's taking over for Jay Leno when Leno's contract is up. Andy said if that doesn't work out, he thinks that one of those two guys is going to go to ABC. He said he's heard that Leno has been talking about going to ABC so maybe that will happen and Conan will take over for him."

Stay tuned ...

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