Monday, April 09, 2007

Throwing "Thank God You're Here" To The Wolves

NBC has taken a page from the Australian hit series of the same name "Thank God You're Here" and, unfortunately, is throwing it to the wolves as a sort of ratings experiment. Alas. On paper at least it sounds like an opportunity for some goddam groundbreaking improv.

Although he premise -- get a group of well known performers and make each walk through a door into a scene without any idea of who they are or what they’re walking into -- is solid as "Cock out" Colin Farrell's wenis on-set, it is going up against shows ratingswise that it doesn't fare a snowballs chance in Hell against. Fer realsies. From Medialifemag:

"Last year, NBC caught media people by surprise when it said that it would no longer develop scripted programming for the 8 p.m. slot, relying instead on cheaper-to-produce reality and game shows.

"Though the network has backpedaled a bit from that stance, insisting that it will invest in scripted program it finds particularly promising, a new show premiering tonight seems to indicate that NBC was serious.

"It’s called 'Thank God You’re Here' and it debuts at 9 p.m. following the network’s hit game show 'Deal or No Deal.'

"... The first show includes fairly well-known actors doing the improv, such as 'Seinfeld’s' Wayne Knight, 'Malcolm in the Middle’s' Bryan Cranston and 'Legally Blonde’s' Jennifer Coolidge. The show is hosted by 'In Living Color’s' David Alan Grier and judged by 'Newsradio’s' Dave Foley.

"But it faces some tough competition, even with the benefit of 'Deal’s' average 4.8 adults 18-49 lead-in. ABC has 'Dancing with the Stars,' CBS has original comedies, and Fox has a new '24,' so 'Here' may not do big numbers."

Hmm. Ya think? Full story here.

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