Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mark Burnett's Political Reality Show

Need we more Political reality shows? We think not. Isn't "The McLaughlin Group" enough? Week after week, we are treated to political dinner theater of the highest magnitude. As the host and former Jesuit John McLaughlin delivers unto the atmosphere enough gassy overblown rhetoric to merit prohibitive eco-sanctions from the United Nations (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). Then we cannot fail to note Newsweek's Eleanor Clift's weekly, forlorn screeching matches against the loathesone but always astonishingly well-dressed Tony Blankley, of something called The Washington Times. In the background din, soundtracked by The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Pat Buchanan masterfully embroiders his very own special blend of subtle anti-Semitism interspersed with a dash of pure, unadulterated Mexican hate. How can anyone top that for political reality programming?

Mark Burnett, The Wizard of Id, hairy knuckles dragging, tosses some of his Apex-predatory flop-sweat onto the American landscape, lowering our collective IQ, with his latest lowest common Denominator contribution (The Corsair gamely sips a 1971 Pouilly-Fuissé Louis Jadot). From Paidcontent:

"There’s plenty of MySpace news today. Let’s start with Mark Burnett, the auteur behind the aging reality-TV franchises Survivor and The Apprentice, who is working with the social network to develop 'Independent,' which, as the WSJ puts it, 'pits would-be politicians in a competition for a $1 million prize.' The WSJ notes that this is an attempt to kick-start video on MySpace: 'MySpace has a vast audience of 'friends' who post material about themselves and communicate with each other, but it has lagged YouTube in video content.' Those old enough to remember MTV’s original 'Rock the Vote' campaign may experience deja vu when reading what MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe told the LAT: 'A lot of people think the younger generation doesn’t care about politics, and we’ve just empirically seen that not to be true.'

"It’s unclear what the TV component of this will be, but let’s not forget that MySpace and Fox TV share the same corporate owner, News Corp."



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