Thursday, April 19, 2007

Does Alessandra Stanley Have It In For Katie Couric?

(image via gawker)

Alessandra Stanley is really getting obnoxious on the subject of Katie Couric. We have never made any bones about this not being firmly on "Team Katie." We love an underdog; we love women; Give Katie an even break is all we ask, right?

It's hard to argue with the invisible engine of brutal logic that powers this RadarOnline post:

"Alessandra Stanley cares about accuracy in journalism, as long as it's not her own.

"The New York Times's trusty correction-generator takes Katie Couric to task today for misrepresenting the circumstances of her interview yesterday with George and Laura Bush in Blacksburg, Virginia. 'Introducing her interview, Ms. Couric told viewers, 'I sat down with President and Mrs. Bush,'' Stanley writes, adding, "Actually, they stood for the entire conversation."

"Stanley obviously has it in for the CBS anchor: It was she who famously described Couric, then still at NBC's Today, as a 'mercurial diva' whose 'peremptory voice and clickety stiletto heels' sent underlings scurrying in terror."

And don't forget the legs. And Diane Sawyer's "poised, creamy insincerity." No; pardon -- we actually agreed with Stanley on the Sawyer insincerity line.


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