Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kevin Spacey's Facial For the "Spacey Patches"

RadarOnline follows up on the riveting L.A. "story" that Master Thespian Kevin Spacey dropped $345 on "'product' for his jowls, some chi-restoring scented candles, and teas." Hey, it's all goopd with us, Kevin; pamper those "Spacey Pouches" all you wish. Says RadarOnline:

"Kevin Spacey would like you to know he didn't drop $345 on beauty products in the West Village two weeks ago to treat his "Spacey pouches." Rather, he was just doing some shopping for the ladies.

"'I went into a very nice salon and I guess they decided to sell a story that was not true after I left,' Spacey told Radar at an IWC Schaffhausen event in Switzerland. 'I said I was buying a bunch of products for girls in production [of a play Spacey was involved with] and they showed me all this stuff, and I bought a bunch of lotions and stuff. That was that. It was a gift. I was buying, but it wasn't for myself ... Now we have demystified that!'"

Pimpy; now that we cleared that up: What were you doing at that London park at 4:30 A.M? There were so many ironic quotation marks over the word "mugging" in the reports that we never quite got to the bottom -- no pun intended -- of that little fiasco. More (Radaronline)

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