Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sanjaya Kicked to the Curb; Stern Calls For Investigation

(image via smh)

Much ado this week has been made of Simon Cowell's creepy facial expressions. Was his evil little grin last night what gamblers call a "tell"? Howard Stern thinks it is as he unravelled his not-so-doubtful conspiracy theory this morning as to how "The Sanjaya (tm)" got his delicate little Persian-American ass handed to him so thoroughly on American Idol last night (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). 10-year old girls would kill to break off a piece of that sweet, Persian Ass (So sweet, evidently, is said tushy that it is headed to the "People Magazine" table at the White House Correspondents Dinner; who the fuck even knew People had a WHCD table?!) From Marksfriggin:

"(Howard Stern) moved on to talk about what happened on American Idol last night and how he thinks that it's a conspiracy that Sanjaya was voted off. He said the week before he wasn't even in the bottom 3 and all of a sudden he loses. He said he thinks that Simon knew before the show started that he was leaving.

"Howard said that in the small print on American Idol there is a footnote that says they can remove any power dialing votes and he thinks that's what they did to get rid of Sanjaya. He said Simon Cowell was smiling during the bottom three and he thinks he knew about it ahead of time and all of the votes that Howard's fans made were dismissed. He said that show is supporting the whole FOX network at this time. He called for a full investigation to be dome by the Howard 100 News department. He wants Steve Langford or Lisa G to get on that right away and find out what really happened."

Stay tuned, player; we'll be doing follow up on the rebound. More Stern on Marksfriggin.

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