Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boris Yeltsin on "60 Minutes"

Good old Brian Montopoli ran today on the CBS Private Eye Blog one of my 3 favorite "60 Minutes" pieces ever: Leslie Stahl's June 1992 interview with Boris Yeltsin on the tennis court. The Corsair hopes that CBS re-runs this interview on Sunday with some follow-up commentary. From PrivateEye:

"At one point, Yeltsin accuses CBS News of working with Mikhail Gorbachev to doctor a videotape to make him look drunk. Later, he angrily storms away and refuses to answer any more of Stahl's questions."

You actually see Don Hewitt come out from behind the camera and help Stahl negotiate Yeltsin's erratic temper. Also significant is Tatiana Dyajenko, Boris yeltsin's daughter who was accused of governbing Russia in Yeltsin's last years. In 1992, she seemed like a typical doting daughter. Ah, Russian High politics. Never a dull moment. For media geeks like The Corsair, this is 7th Heaven. Thanks, Brian.

(CBS Private Eye)

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