Monday, April 23, 2007

Sanjaya Steals The White House Correspondents Dinner

The general consensus is that in the comedic vacuum of Rich Little's "performance (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)" the Sanjaya stepped in nicely and filled the cool person's void. Sanjaya, who, at present, can only be properly conmstrued as an A-List jet setter, is a product of this new 24/7 digital age. Funnily, trhough, he exists in a thought bubble that doesn't accord any of his success to howard Stern's brilliantly evil campaign to destroy American Idol -- hereafter referred to as "AI" -- from Marksfriggin, "Howard said that Sanjaya was on Ellen Degeneres' show and on the show he basically says that Howard Stern had nothing to do with him going as far as he did. Howard said he kind of gets why he'd say that. He played the audio clip where Sanjaya talks about all of the haters out there and then Ellen brings up Howard's name. Sanjaya said he was fine with it and didn't think that any of his fans would vote more than twice. Howard said that Sanjaya has to believe that he has fans. He said that if he were Sanjaya he'd probably think the same way even though that wasn't the case."

It's Sanjaya's world now, we just sublet. he was "taking meetings" with Fox studio execs in LA on Friday, and tonight is doing Letterman. In between these events he managed to sandwich being the star of the White House Correspondents afterparties by Bloomberg and Vanity Fair. Says Bill Press in TheHill:

"For Washington, D.C, it’s as close as we ever get to prom night: The White House Correspondents Dinner. I was one of the 3,000 who crowded in the ballroom of the Hilton Towers for this year’s intimate event. And, as always, it was jammed with big names.

"... But here’s what’s really funny: The star of the show … the one person everybody was talking about … the one who signed the most autographs … the big buzz of the night was … none of the above. The star of the show was Sanjaya, a young singer nobody ever heard of until two or three months ago.

"Now, you can draw from that whatever conclusion you want. But I think it says something about the state of American politics when the biggest name at Washington’s biggest dinner is a 17-year-old kid from Seattle who didn’t say a word — and can’t even carry a tune."

How long before a jaded Sanjaya is running around Mustique, bare-assed, with "Mick and Keith," on break from banging nut-brown tanned supermodels? The full story here (Bill press' TheHill Blog).

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