Tuesday, April 24, 2007

James Goodale Raises $750,000 For Paris Review

Goodale and Paris Review editor Philip Gourevitch. (image via nysocialdiary)

(image via NySocialDiary)

James Goodale is an interesting New York media figure who, for some reason doesn't get enough credit. His unheralded but noteworthy public television program "The Digital Age" is one of the best -- if not THE best -- look at the changing media landscape. Think: Howard Kurtz does Silicon Valley and Alley, but with less of an emphasis on media ethics and more of a civil libertarian edge.

Aside from toiling thanklessly in the rarified air of public teevee (The smell of old books?), Goodale also was a major player in what we --and he -- like to call "The Caldwell Case (But the squares call Vranzberg v. Hayes)." Now we learn via David Patrick Columbia, our favorite social chronicler, that he is a patron of the indispensible Paris Review. From NYSocialDiary:

"David Halberstam, the writer, died in an automobile accident in California yesterday. I learned this last night at the Paris Review Gala when James Goodale told me that Gay and Nan Talese

"... James Goodale who had put together a Foundation to save George Plimpton’s Paris Review after his passing. Since then, they have built it into a healthy publication. They raised $750,000 last night. A very healthy figure. Writer and Artist hosts included Joan Didion, Frances Fitzgerald, Peter Carey, Jonas Bendiksen, Karl Taro Greenfield, Eliza Griswold, Uzodinma Iweala, Mary Karr, Peter Matthiessen, Meghan O’Rourke, Gilles Peress, Richard Price, Salman Rushdie, James Salter, Gary Shteyngart, Charles Simic. There was also a large contingent of young social New Yorkers – Boykin Curry and Celerie Kemble, David and Shelley Mortimer, Serena Boardman, Marina Rust Connor, Vicky Ward, mixed with the Elaine’s crowd, the bankers and philanthropists, and lots of writers."

Much, much more pics and backstory here:(NYSocialDiary)

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