Monday, April 23, 2007

Corsair Recommends: CNN's "Inside Africa"

It is easy for someone who has never been to Africa to get cynical about The Dark Continent when "The Africa Problem" is reported on with maddening frequency in the most socially irresponsible ways by the Gray Lady and almost everyone else. It is the great dilemna of Liberalism: their heart is in the right place but they have little knowledge of Human Nature. If the well-intentioned but naive "Africa Tragedians" knew that their incessant stories on African nightmare scenarios, each one trumping the last, they would understand that the ultimate effect --generally -- would be a hardening, and not a softening the hearts of their readers.

Africa is unfortunately reported on as a continent of chronic misery and disease and poverty. CNN's "Inside Africa" anchored by Femi Okhe is an outstanding show that balances the Tragedy with the Beauty of Africa. The multitudinous cultures that make up Africa are well-covered, as recently were some of the brightest young independent filmmakers -- in Africa all film is indie -- on the Continent. The run-ups to elections great and small are also covered, with Joseph Koinange -- the best investigative reporter covering Africa. The beautiful and hard-hitting sometime host Isha Sesay -- who used to anchor the show -- sometimes fills in (She presently is an evening anchor on CNN International). Femi Oke is the regular host and managing editor of the show and deserves the credit for making this the most interesting half-hour on Africa in the world. And Charlayne Hunter Gault -- who left PBS's Lehrer News Hour because she hit the glass ceiling -- is, well, Charlayne Hunter Gault, reborn anew as the best reporter on the new South Africa, post-Apartheid.

We highly recommend you TiVo this if you want a brief 30-minute synopsis on the continent weekly.

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