Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lorne Michaels: "YouTube Has Been Great For Us"

Nothing, ironically, evokes American "soft power" more solidly than a rock hard, erect "Dick in a Box (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)." At least that's what Lorne Michaels seems to be suggesting we export to those teens sitting on the fence oduring this "Clash of Civilizations" in Islamabad, in a Saudi-financed madrassas. From the salmon-colored weekly:

"Lorne Michaels, the creator and executive producer of Saturday Night Live, is a big fan of YouTube.

"'I think that YouTube is great, because if you do something like 'Dick in a Box,' someone in Pakistan can see it,” said Mr. Michaels in a phone interview.

"He was referring to the now-ubiquitous skit by SNL cast member Andy Samberg and guest host Justin Timberlake in which the duo sang about giving your girlfriend the ultimate gift: namely, your dick in a box.

"Recently, Messrs. Timberlake and Samberg sang 'Dick in a Box' to hordes of ecstatic fans in a sold-out Madison Square Garden. But it’s not hard to imagine a teenager in Islamabad cracking up his friends with those same irresistible lyrics: 'One, cut a hole in the box …. '

"'YouTube has been great for us,' Mr. Michaels reiterated."

One can imagine Pakistan's ISI -- anxiety ridden -- intercepting, or at least trying to put that Penis-Pandora back in its box. Lorne Michaels is evil comedy genius.

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