Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jonathan Paskowitz to Open Blood

"(l-r) Paskowitz, Hild, David Hershkovits and (Kim Hastreiter)."

Architectonically-haired Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter is joining the surfer-chic bandwagon -- skateboarding is so fin de siecle -- by producing "Surfwise: The Doc Paskowitz Experiment," in collabo with Marc Cuban's film outfit. Paskowitz's son hung out with Paperm Magazine's Kim and David, the godparents of downtown chic -- The Corsair's old bosses -- last night. From The PapermagBlog:

"Then last night, at the opening party for 'The Happening' (the show/party was organized by one of my old friends Randy Hild who runs the cute girlie surfer collection Roxy), I fell in love with the work of two artists I saw there and can't get it out of my mind. One guy is called Jeff Canham and he's a surfer living in San Fran who works as a sign painter as well as at the super cool surf shop Mollusk there. I ADORE THIS guy's work ...The show will up from 6-9 p.m. at the MILK gallery (450 W. 15th St.) today (Friday the 13th!). There's also a huge party at the Maritime tonight with lots of surf-friendly music. (check the website for more info.)

"I also ran into wildman Jonathan Paskowitz (of the Paskowitz surf camp fame) who was telling me all about this surf place he's opening on Crosby Street soon called BLOOD. The Paskowitz family was a crazy west coast family of nine (wild) kids whose mom and dad brought them up in a camper on the beach so they would live a surf life. The dad started a surf camp (which still exists) where they hosted people and taught them to surf. Jonathan told me that hes just wrapped a documentary in collab with Graydon Carter about his dad's life -- his dad still surfs and is in his eighties."


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