Friday, April 20, 2007

Heather Mills and The Mile High Snub

Accomplished golddigger and alleged former "Khashoghi girl" -- Eew -- Heather Mills, who, as we all know, ate dirt on her recent "Dancing with the Stars" appearance is up to her attention getting tricks again. According to Thisislondon:

"The Dancing With The Stars contestant performed an impromptu mid-air dance act in a failed attempt to entertain fellow passengers.

"During a flight from LA to London, the literally captive audience were subjected to the routine after Virgin Atlantic's in-flight entertainment system failed to work, according to a report in London's Metro.

"Heather, who suggested the idea to cabin crew, took to the aisle with her Dancing with the Stars dance partner Jonathan Roberts.

"But after a 10 hour flight, fellow passengers proved difficult to impress, with her performance failing to even rouse a round of applause."

Full story here. (ThisisLondon)

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