Saturday, April 07, 2007

Will Fred Thompson Woo The House Leadership?

The "Maccaca" moment, in all its harsh YouTube glory, destroyed Confederate Flag fetishist George Allen's Presidential viability better than even a lengthy, brutal New Republic article could. Good riddance to bad trash, say we. In the aftermath of the Allen implosion, however, is the effluvia of his inevitability, namely -- the House Leaders on the Republican side of the aisle that were set to endorse him. Who gets the spoils? Romney? McCain. From our favorite Dickensian villain, Robert Novak:

"FRED Thompson's progress toward becoming a Republican presidential candidate will take a step with the return of Congress from its Easter break when he meets privately with a large group of Republican House members.

"GOP House leaders had prepared last year to board George Allen's campaign wagon before his defeat in Virginia for re-election to the Senate eliminated him from presidential consideration. They had been moving toward support of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, led by former Speaker Dennis Hastert's endorsement. But many have stepped back from Romney and are looking hard at Thompson. One member of the GOP leadership who had been prepared to endorse Romney is holding his fire while he considers Thompson.

"A footnote: Thompson will hit the campaign trail next month in advance of any formal announcement with a May 4 speech in Orange County, Calif. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has led GOP presidential hopefuls in lining up California support."

Things are about to heat up for Rudy, who, thus far, has regarded unfettered access to California Republican money as his own private resevoir, much like Obama and Chicago's moneymen. Is Fred Thompson, who is getting loads of actorly comparisons to Reagan, the Obama of the Right? If so, California's rock-ribbed, steak and potatoes Republican Orange County -- a Reagan stronghold -- will be his proving ground.

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