Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Marc Cuban: "I Did Work On a Script For a Horror Movie"

Marc Cuban, who clearly aspires to do for The Movie Business what Ayn Rand's overwrought Howard Roark did for Architecture, acquitted himself well on AMC's "Sunday Morning Shootout." His creepy eyes notwithstanding (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment), the largest revelation excavated on the show was that the eclectic billionaire, perhaps taking a page from Chri-stuh-fuh on "The Soprano's," is working on a horror script:

Cuban: "I did work on a horror movie that ... I think we have a chance to get it done. I sent it to a professional for all the rerwrites and everything which means its ten percent mine and ninety percent theirs and all ..

Ubergruber: "That's okay -- That's most of the business like that.

Cuban: "Exactly. Horror film is an interesting genre to write for so that's why I picked it."

Does this film, this cinematic gem in the making, by any chance chronicle the sanguinary spree of a short-fingered vulgarian -- Cuban's billionaire nemesis -- whose tag line is "You're Fired," just before he commits atrocities by way of scalping a young and nubile cast en route to "smoking" and stitching together the perfect toupee?

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