Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NewsCorp Retreat to Plan on Digital Future for the Newspaper Empire

The New York Post, for some odd reason isn't making the most of its blogs. One would think that with "page Six," arguably The Fountainhead of the hugely profitable field of online gossip, there would be some synergy -- an ad revenue -- happening at NewsCorp. None yet, though. From Paidcontent:

"News Corp is doing it yearly company retreat again this year at Murdoch’s Californian ranch in Carmel next week, and this time the three-day meeting will plan a survival strategy for his global newspaper empire in the digital age, reports FT. It was possible some executives might be shifted around as a more detailed plan was put in place, the story says. 'All the news divisions will discuss where they are [online], what they are going to do, and where they want to get to,' said a News Corp executive, quoted in a story. 'It is the first such detailed meeting to work out the online future for news.'"



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