Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hedge Funds Go The Way of the Pac

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The Masters of the Universe, the Machers at the Hedge Funds, no longer satisfied with the "Face" of Hollywood conquest, nor the "Money" of New York, Connecticut and London, stoop to conquer the "Power" that is Washington, the capitol of the last standing Imperial superpower (Dismissive wave). Those thick-necked thumoeideutic cases from Wall Street, fresh off their athletic fields where they learned, jocularly, that the meaning of life is "competition," their audacity seeps like a gooey unguent -- Eew -- further than we're frankly comfortable with, dig baby? From the Wall Street Journal:

"Tudor Investment Corp. has become the first hedge fund to create a political-action committee, or PAC, in the latest sign of the industry's coming of age here.

"The move comes as the rapidly expanding, lightly regulated sector faces increasing scrutiny from policy makers. At the same time, hedge-fund executives are being besieged by presidential and congressional campaigns seeking a share of a growing wealth pool that is being tapped. (For related hedge-fund news, see article.)

"With $16.1 billion in assets under management, Tudor is the ninth-largest hedge fund, according to Institutional Investor, an industry trade publication."

And from there -- what? Galactic Administration with an option to buy Cosmic Proerties? When will the hedge funds just out and out fucking buy Planetary Real Estate. Is there any precedent for a hedge fund buying outright The Sun?

Audacity, thy name is Hedge. Full article (WSJ)

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