Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Keith Richards Snorted His Dad

(image via gothamist)

Holy cats! Even with the poom-poom shorts "Blowcaine" Kate Moss can't hardly compete with the yo-that-shit-is-fucked-up attention getting news that Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards snorted his own goddam Father mixed with Booger Sugar with, no doubt, the obligatory rolled up C-note (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). There's a thin line -- pun intended; sniffff! -- between being a bad ass and being just ass bad evil. Long have we wondered if he weren't some rogue alien Ambassador from the Crab Nebulae, so impervious to the cyle of earthly Death that concludes years of hedonism. Nothing has prepared us for this, however. From TMZ:

"There's very little in the physical world that Keith Richards hasn't, by his own admission, ingested either by mouth or by nose -- including, it seems, his father's ashes.

"The Rolling Stones axeman revealed to NME, the British music magazine, that he once snorted the remains of his own dad, Bert, leavened with a bit of cocaine to make it go down easier. 'He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared ... It went down pretty well, and I'm still alive,' says Keith."

Ashes to ashes, disco dust to disco dust ...

(Note: Keith's manager is now denying this whole affair after the blogs went gonzo with it. Guess we'll never know the true story.)

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