Monday, April 16, 2007

Howard Stern: If Sirius Hires Imus, He's Out

If Don Imus goes to satellite after the merger, Howard Stern -- who has a close relationship with Mel Karmazin -- will do all he can to cockblock. On his show today, as Marksfriggin notes, "He said that if SIRIUS hires that guy, he's out of there. More, From Marksfriggin:

"Howard brought up the story about Imus calling this woman Brenda the N-word when they were working at WNBC. That's when Howard claims he was turned off to that guy in the cowboy hat. He said that someone picked up on the fact that Imus stopped wearing that cowboy hat when Imus was called out on the racist comments.

"Howard's prediction came true so Robin asked him if he was a psychic. He said he's not and he's just an observer of the industry and he knew what was going to happen. He read that Imus was getting paid $10 million a year to do that awful show of his and he's sure that CBS is working on not paying him for the remainder of that contract. He said they'll probably figure out a way not to pay him even though he was under contract. Howard said he went through stuff like that with them and he knows that they'll try to come up with some way not to pay the guy.

"Howard said Imus has already said that he's going to take the summer off but he's had a lot of offers to come back. He said that his predictions have already come true and there's no way there are any offers for him to come back to radio. He said he has to be lying when he says that there are offers. He said that he defies Imus to show him any Bona Fide offer to come back to the radio. He said he'd like him to come on his air and show him that offer. He knows that he has to be lying about that."

The balls in Imus' court. What terrestrial radio station would want to hire someone so radfioactive? (Marksfriggin)

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