Monday, October 18, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Lawrence O'Donnell. O'Donnell really has done it all in the New York-Georgetown-Hollywood power nexus. And now, quite frankly, he's ready for some girl-on-girl.

O'Donnell started out as Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's "Golden Boy," the chief of staff who could do no wrong; O'Donnell was a particular favorite of Maura Moynihan, one of the most powerful Senate Wives of our era (A TV series idea -- Senate Wives -- incidentally, that might, if given half a chance at a green light, blow the socks off even ABC's juggernaut Desperate Housevives). Then Lawrence was Executive Producer of The West Wing and creator of the short lived tv series Mister Sterling.

Now, as MSNBC political analyst and McLaughlin Group talking head, we learned last week in a heated exchange with Tony Blankley, the conservative fashionplate-dandy-about-DC of the Washington Post, that Our Larry is really just a red blooded American man with catholic tastes in his women, when he said, of the Mary Cheney brouhaha, "... I love lesbians ... I love all of God's children."

But, Larry -- Don't we all?

Out: Ralph Nader, asshole. According to the Washington Times (link via Wonkette, subscription required):

"Ralph Nader's running mate in two past presidential elections said she plans to cast her ballot in November for Democratic Sen. John Kerry.

"'I'm voting my conscience on November 2 -- I'm voting for John Kerry,' American Indian activist Winona LaDuke wrote in comments published last week in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"'John Kerry provides promise for Native America and for America,' said Miss LaDuke, who lives on White Earth Reservation in Minnesota.

"'His policy proposals involve vision -- like alternative energy, more accessible health care, and finding all those children who have been left behind by the Bush administration.'

"She said the Massachusetts senator's support of Indian communities demonstrates that 'we are on his radar.'"

Why can't Kerry just offer Nader the goddamned Attorney General's slot, a position which he wants so badly, but will never be confirmed as. Oh yeah, that, and: Wino forever.

In: Matt and Ben Forever. Sure, people change, but a woman can never get in between two Southies ... unless, of course, she's really hott and the guys don't have to actually touch each other in the process, and no one speaks of it in the morning, because, well, according to the 3AM Girls:

"JENNIFER Garner beware - someone else plans to grow old with your lover Ben Affleck.

"Ocean's Twelve hottie Matt Damon, 34, claims women would never come between him and his chum, adding: 'My longest relationship was two and a half years. That's very short when you consider how long I've been friends with Ben ... I can imagine growing old with him.'

Only a real man know how to love a man. Comment here or on the VH1 BWE Blog.

Out: Scarlett Johansson. The Corsair finds the word slut imprecise. Is Tommy Lee a slut? Is Naomi Campbell? Is Matthew Perry? No, no, no -- The Corsair prefers to call people like Scarlett Johanssen ... "charitable". According to Ananova:

"Scarlett Johansson is recovering after having her tonsils removed.

"The Lost In Translation star was visiting her boyfriend Jared Leto on set in Cape Town, when she was struck with tonsillitis.

"Upon consultation with doctors, Johansson was rushed into surgery immediately to have the troublesome body parts removed reports Femalefirst."

Aww, and just after a wonderful year and a championship tonsil hockey season. Skanks everywhere are holding their heads just a little bit lower at the news that Scarlett's out of the game.

In: Courtney Love. The Corsair goes back and forth on Court Love (excuse the pun), sometimes we hate her, sometimes we get all warm and tingly and protective of her sweet, conflicted, yet powerful femininity, but all the time -- always and in everything -- we do believe that she will rock her way out of her current situation.'s Laurie blogs most excellently about her recent gig, in -- mirabile dictu -- radio:

"Against predictions, Courtney Love didn't just show up for guest-hosting duty on Indie 103.1, but she actually showed up a day early. Scheduled to helm Friday nights starting at 7pm on the station for the remainder of October, Courtney turned up last night--with Babes in Toyland's Kat Bjelland, who barely got a word in edgewise. She seemed completely sober, cracking jokes, frankly discussing rehab, and gossiping about Gwen Stefani (Gwen to Courtney in the bathroom of some event: 'I have a platform but I don't know what to say!'). Callers to the station offered Courtney advice on what to be for Halloween. Martha Stewart, Kim Gordon, a soccer mom, 'the princess you are'...One caller suggested she dress as 'The Day of the Dead--you know, the Mexican holiday,' to which Courtney said, 'Yeah, I'll go as the whole holiday! I'll go as Tijuana, drug stores and donkey shows and all.'

Wouldn't Courtney Love be the greatest LA radio talk show host? The Corsair believes that Court Love could take Howard Stern's place (3rd story) once he leaves terrestrial radio. You heard it here first, now: Comment on LA.Com blog.

Out: Miramax. Miramax has lost that loving indie feeling, and now we are feeling Fox Searchlight, which put out I Heart Huckabees, that wonderful new film where Naomi Watts glows effervescently like Julia did in Mystic Pizza and Kate Hudson did in Almost Famous.

In: John Stewart Bitchslaps the Crossfire Assholes (Stereogum)

Out: Love it or hate it, the Battleground states are all that matters right about now. And The Corsair lives in New York, which means that unless he can pony up thousands for a rubber chicken dinner, he won't get a last chance to hear the candidates speak live. Phooey. The Note notes:

"There are a lot of ways to describe the Electoral College battlefield. Right now, not all states are created equal � even within the Big 10 states we believe will decide this election.

"That list � Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Colorado � is unlikely to change very much.

"The first six listed will almost certainly be contested until the end; the last four MIGHT start to lean strong enough in one direction that they become somewhat less contested.

"There are a handful of other states � New Jersey, Maine, Michigan, Oregon most prominently � that could become contested and competitive again, but that still looks unlikely.

"Right now, those four are all looking like Kerry states, and if the president really begins to make a serious challenge there, he will win in a landslide � which is why we say that it is those first ten that will decide who wins.

"Remember: no one knows who is going to turn out to vote � and which side has built the more effective turnout operations, state by state. So what might look like a close race � or a lead for one side � might not end up that way when the votes are cast."

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