Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Vote With P Diddy

According to the Washington Post (link via Wonkette), P Diddy is auctioning off a chance to accompany him to vote on eBay:

" 'Vote or Die' T-shirts and bazillions of appearances on cable news and MTV still aren't enough for P. Diddy and his nonprofit Citizen Change group. The hip-hop king started an auction on eBay on Monday offering a voting-age citizen the chance to accompany him to the polls. As of yesterday afternoon, the bidding had climbed to $2,000."

Bids are made here, and it is up to $2,004. But, to be frank, for $2,004 he had better fetch us a glass of our medicine -- neat. If The Corsair is going to pull the lever for either one of these cats, he must needs be three sheets to the wind.

If you love this blog then buy this for The Corsair. Do this for me, peasblossom. We want to vote with the P- Diddy.

1 comment:

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Has Pee Didhe (on the rug) really been THAT lonely since he lost Jay Low (in calories, yet big in butt)?