Saturday, October 23, 2004

Madonna: Spiritual-Material Girl

Two interesting stories about Madonna, one from The Gatecrasher in the NY Daily News:

"Just because your weekend isn't complete without a wacky Madonna story: Spa staff at Chicago's posh Peninsula Hotel say the Material Girl insists her towels be washed in Kabbalah water before she uses them.

"Or that's what the girl at the front desk is telling spa regulars.

"The water is 'imbueded [sic] with ancient kabbalistics meditations,' according its Web site, and is available from Rabbi Philip Berg's Kabbalah Center at around $3.50 a bottle.

"But Madonna's amused rep, Liz Rosenberg, told me, 'Please don't tell me anyone is actually taking that seriously.'

"She added, 'I was at the Peninsula in Chicago [gym] just last night and didn't see any red strings there at all.'"

Hmm. Was that a noncommittal denial? And, just when you thought that Madonna was all earth mother spiritual, come this Tatum O'Neal story from A Paper Life:

"A cannier, more manipulative woman would have mapped out her exit strategy before taking a stand against unhappiness. A woman like Madonna, for example, who called shortly after my divorce (from John McEnroe) to inquire, 'So, what did you get?'"

Living in a Material world?

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