Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Maureen Dowd and Robert Redford. Maureen Dowd is kind of hott, in a kind of , you know, witty, older woman, sophisticated Upper West Side kind of way, you know? Dowd is so witty and sophisticated that she's almost French. And the fact that she dated Michael Douglas back when he was a sex addict ... well, that kind of adds extra spice to the salsa, do you know what I mean?

But how hott is the idea of Robert Redford and Maureen Dowd liberal power coupling? From the Washington Post (link via Wonkette):

"Those lunching at the Bombay Club Monday proved that Washingtonians still don't know what to do when they see a bona fide celeb.

"We hear the room was silenced, practically coming to a halt, when Robert Redford quietly strolled into the Indian bistro a few steps from the White House. The avowed Kerry supporter drew various stares and gawks while he lunched, laughed and joked for more than two hours with "Bushworld" author and New York Times pundit Maureen Dowd."

To paraphrase Nicole Ritchie, "that's hott!" And when the fuck is Redford going to stop prevaricating and just run for a Senate seat in Utah already? What more can he accomplish in film? He's established Sundance and he's forever beat his old rival Warren Beatty in the Hollywood legacy department? Run for the Senate Bob, and, while you're at it, make an honest woman out of Dowd.

Out: The Sports Club/LA. Not cool fellas, according to the LA.com blog:

"The Sunday morning spinning class is one of the most popular at the Sports Club/LA. Yesterday's class was something special when the instructor took the unusual step of introducing 'the Queen of Music, Miss Diana Ross!' There she was, barely recognizable, a diva dressed in a leotard, her hair drawn into a knot. Lest Ross felt flattered, the teacher went on, 'I was six years old when I first saw Miss Ross perform.' Oops."

And, apropos of nothing, how wierd was that scene where Billy Dee and Anthony Perkins wrestle for the gun in Mahogany?

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In: Lindsayism. Lindsay Robertson, the blogger most likely to write for a network sitcom within the next year, is in search of just what makes a man pursue one woman over another. Tell her at lindsayism@lindsay.com:

"... I have a lot of guy friends, and from listening to them I know there is just as much of a dearth of 'good' women as 'good' men. From my own experience and from observation, it seems like women fall into two categories: either they're successful with guys or they're not. Either guys fall for them hard and right away, or not at all. Either they always call, or they never call. And there's no way of telling who is going to fall into which category - it certainly seems to have nothing to do with looks.

"When Jack Berger told Miranda that the guy who didn't call her back just 'wasn't that into' her, he should have added 'Because you and your friends are desperate, painfully un-funny, materialistic cunts who have nothing to offer conversation-wise but lists of things you've recently purchased and no interests of your own and no curiosity and no motivation but snagging a rich husband as soon as possible.'

"That applies to the four women of that awful show, but they're just archetypes. What about real people? What makes some girls sought-after and others not? I'm going to get reamed for this, but why do I keep having the same conversation in hushed tones in ladies rooms about the Chick Lit Myth, that unquestioned accepted wisdom that men are jerks who never call the next day, that it's so hard to find a good guy...when this is the exact opposite of our experience? And nobody ever talks about it!

"In my experience, this city is is chock full of 'viable' guys. They're everywhere! I honestly think that any girl who thinks otherwise is just not interested in being friends with straight men - or she has no common ground on which to relate to them. The girls I know who are most successful with guys are the same girls who have a lot of platonic straight male friends. There has to be a connection there. So, I'm asking what makes you pursue one girl over another? (And let's leave looks out of it, since we're assuming you were initially attracted to her enough to go out with her.) Email me at lindsay(at)lindsayism.com and I'll tally and post the results of this unscientific survey later this week."

The Corsair just sent in his own detailed email a few minutes ago ...

Out: The Democrats. The way that John F. Kerry is running his campaign in the last days is a wonder to fucking behold. Truly. First, there was Charlie Rangel's loony amendment on reinstating the draft -- which, ultimately wasted everyone's time, went down in spectacular flames, and garnered only two supporting votes (402 nay-2) -- which the Congressman himself voted against! Has anyone ever heard a Republican state outright that they want a draft? In secret? Does anyone really believe that the Republican Party is leading this country into a place where the draft will be a politically viable issue? No, this is just last minute fearmongering by Kerry, and it's beneath him and Edwards.

Next, by scaring seniors in Florida about flu shot vaccines we are seeing an oiliness and ambition that hasn't been seen since, well, Bill Clinton in the Florida Primary against Paul Tsongas when he scared seniors by saying the late Massachusetts Senator would cut Medicare and Social Security. Disgusting, and way off the mark, consciously so. Needless to say, the seniors came out in force and Clinton crushed Tsongas by 20 points. Tsongas passed on, still bitter to the end, and the Clintons are history. And JFK's ambition is twice that of Clinton. Keep thinking: the lesser of two evils ...

IN: According to the Daily News, Mary Kate Olsen, whom friends call "MK," is sooo over college:

"Lowdown hears that for the past week, instead of buckling down and studying for midterms in the $7 million Morton Square apartment she bought with sister Ashley, the 18-year-old brunette Olsen twin has been playing hooky in Los Angeles and is considering dropping out."
Sounds like someone needs a stern talking to accompanied by a "mouth trumpet" from David Coulier.

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starzstylista said...

I cannot tell you how much I love that movie. DR's eye makeup is beyond brilliant.

The Corsair said...

Words cannot express how much I love that movie. I never did quite get the dripping of hot wax in a party in Rome thing, though. But it is still a perfect 70s movie.

(S)wine said...

RE: Maureen Dowd...I was head over heels in love w/this woman, until I heard her SPEAK at one of those Washington Cocktail Circuit swine parties (don't ask me why I was attending; a moment of weakness, what can I say).

If you can imagine the scene from Singing in the Rain in which the beautiful starlet opens her mouth, only to have all dreams and fantasies crushed by that piercing, annoying excuse of a voice.


Still...I dig her writing.

The Corsair said...

you are right about the voice lol!

(S)wine said...

Aaah, so you've heard her speak then.
That's great!!